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He has few troubles and no great sorrows — but at the same time he has no real sources of joy.While other summer films show off computer-enhanced graphics.

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After dismissing his fantastic ideas about the ways in which his life might change if Margo were to love him, and working hard to transcend the boundaries of his own, self-centered perspective, he also has to recognize that his life is his alone to live.Since they discover the message shortly after their encounter with the dead raccoon, it forces them to once again consider the possibility that Margo may have taken her own life (or be planning to do so).At this moment of profound uncertainty and loneliness, Margo seeks support from Quentin, with whom she shares a history of friendship.All those paper people living in their paper houses, burning the future to stay warm.She disparages the materialism of her society, in which people spend their entire lives accumulating wealth and possessions but sacrifice relationships, beauty, and a sense of responsibility to others in order to do so.

Quentin sees Margo as a supporting character in his life, or a kind of beautiful, impossible ideal, rather than a three-dimensional person taking control of her own life.Authenticity takes courage, but it is also a necessary step before a person can find real happiness and connection.

Good Quotations by Famous People: Famous quotes, witty quotes, and funny quotations collected by Gabriel Robins over the years.LitCharts makes it easy to find quotes by chapter, character, and theme.Quentin, Radar, and Ben find this proclamation spray-painted on the wall of the abandoned strip mall where they expect to meet Margo.Though their relationship has fizzled over the years, Quentin is now, essentially, the only friend Margo has left.Like the fear that grips him outside the strip mall, this work is painful and sometimes overwhelming — however, as Quentin begins to humanize Margo in his mind, he becomes a fuller and more compassionate person, better able to care for those he loves.Though Quentin feels sure Margo is only using him — that she would never deign to include him in her plans unless she stood to gain something from doing so — the truth is that Margo desperately needs a friend at this tumultuous moment in her life.A brief history of color in literature from LitCharts Analitics.

Quentin Jacobsen: Maybe she loved mysteries so much she became one: Jase: Can I open my eyes yet.I heard another person say She was giving surfing lessons off the coast of the Bahamas.To proceed through life without this understanding would be arrogant, and would ultimately be just as dehumanizing as never trying to empathize with others at all.Collection of Nicholas Sparks quotes, from the older more famous Nicholas Sparks quotes to all new quotes by Nicholas Sparks.Margo has concocted this nighttime crusade as a way of incinerating all her most cherished relationships, and she knows she will be leaving her family and community behind in just a few hours when she runs away to start a new life.

After his experience at the strip mall, he feels a real, human connection with Margo, whereas before this confrontation with the possibility of her death, he had still idealized her from a distance.Carolyn Cronenberg, Film Editor and Wife of David Cronenberg, Dies at 66.Margo shares these reflections with Quentin while they look at the dark streets of Orlando from the top floor of the SunTrust Building.But as for me: I must ask the wounded man where he is hurt, because I cannot become the wounded man.All the paper kids drinking beer some bum bought for them at the paper convenience store.

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In his imagination, he and Margo — a girl who represents the independence of mind and spirit he has never been brave enough to claim for himself — reject the shallow, conventional ritual of prom, showing up late in jeans and t-shirts instead of the formal clothes their classmates agonize over.

Ben is not the exciting, complex, intellectual person Margo is.Such was life that morning: nothing really mattered much, not the good things and not the bad ones.Includes Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, and Paper Towns.For the longest time, it felt kind of like my chest was cracking open, but not precisely in an unpleasant way.

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What this quote means for the rest of the book is the secret underdog love that is Q and Margo.