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You can also try last name first, or certain parts spelled out and certain just initials.I could be totally off base about this, but I suspect that what happens to most Yahoo and Hotmail users is actually phishing (using social engineering to gather passwords) rather than proper hacking or cracking.Once the keyword window appears, type in your keyword, and click Go.FYI — GMail ignores dots in the local portion of the address, so.Browse professionally-written resume examples and read our top tips.

On the (other) other hand, I would actively disagree with anyone who advises people to just buy a web domain.Though I am based in Houston, TX, I offer over the phone resume editing services as well.

Got a more professional yahoo account post college (this was before Gmail).I find that I have to redo the text message thing for my gmail after I do a clean up of my web history and cookies.While I like the extra security, it is annoying.I still use my aol email and I also use it when I apply for jobs.If someone wrote in using an aol domain then several things were true about them: 1) They were old, 2) they had not kept up with technology9 3) They were not tech savvy at all.I may set something like that with the middle initial up at some point.

And probably your job offers were all face-to-face and involving nepotism.Resume Tips. EDITION. US. NEWS Highline Science Education Weird News.

The email address on her resume just reinforces what her resume says about her.AOL sample resume, resume example, resume template, resume format and cover letter.

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I had quite a bit of correspondence with a couple of recruiters once who were trying to schedule an accounting candidate for an interview.Everyone of any importance at all (be it family, business acquaintances, whatever,) has that number.Not that I am at all disagreeing with Alison, but my primary personal email (gmail) has become very irrelevent in the last year.

Facebook launched in Feb 2004 to a small community, and to the general public in Sept 2006.

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As an added bonus, it would keep your job search responses separate from your other messages.I used floppy disks when I was in 4th grade and I am early 20s now.I can see that maybe it matters in tech, but for everything else.The most annoying thing lately are the Kmart receipts that I receive on a regular basis.

I know a few people who use that account exclusively for job hunting.

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I realize that its an older domain, but I prefer the consistency.Depending on what email service is being used by the recipient, it sometimes shows as being from firstname.lastname via was born in 1987 and would certainly be considered a millennial, and I used aol in middle school and used floppy discs throughout high school.That is the most common reason why you get your account hacked, but as per stereotype, Gmail users KNOW that the more you use the same password between different services, the more likely it is to get picked up by a keylogger and grabbed.But, it also confused people when I got closer to talking to real hiring managers.And as another poster mentioned, security is a big consideration.

You no longer need to be an AOL member to take advantage of great AOL Mail features such as industry-leading spam and virus.An absolute dismissal of security concerns only strengthens the generalization of computer illiteracy.Look for a folder named All Users and double-click to open it.They look at your ID, cross check to a background check list, then take your picture and print the sticker.My company was using some photo (that has to do with the company name) that the person who built the website ripped from the web.Just because it would amuse me to make Jamie pose for these. (And the rest of you. Mike C., you will be giving a hearty handshake to Wakeen.).I got my Gmail address much later, and use it primarily for online account logins and communications with companies or prospective employers.If you are using a 56.6 dial-up connection, it will take 1-3 hours to download.

To access all the features of AOL 9.0VR, you must download and install the AOL 9.0VR software on your computer.The sample is hunch users and the only thing it says is that more young people use gmail more, more old people use aol and more middle age use the others.Fair or not, a really old-school email address might give off a different impression.

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Recruiters there said they downgrade candidates who use anything other than gmail or an address with a personal domain.

I had an invite on June 29. (Both of those thanks to a close friend who works for Google.).My website and primary emails are both through a service that was originally only dial-up based.Yes -- although your computer, including applications like email and Web browsers, may run more slowly while your download is underway.In the IT space, I would DEFINITELY not apply for a job with an AOL email address.To be even the slightest bit concerned about them screams of a paternalism that is rather disturbing.

Using an AOL address does make you look way behind the times when it comes to technology.Yahoo Japan users - please visit Yahoo Help to learn how to add your email address.Do millenials in general even understand the implications of an AOL address.Yahoo and Hotmail is fine if you use your name, or something innocuous.Upon completion, you will be prompted to restart your computer.So many silly, nitpicky things screwing over job hunters these days.